Our Pantry

NEW, NEW , NEW on our website… Fill Our Pantry.

“Fill Our Pantry” (http://augustarivergate.org/shop/) is a way you can help women in recovery by donating items to meet the needs of RiverGate.

As a non-profit organization, upon request, Rivergate can issue you a receipt for non-cash donation.

Each item in the Pantry actually represents a donation from you of that item to RiverGate.

You SELECT items to order (which you will actually donate to RiverGate) and deliver them to us from wherever you wish to purchase those items.

Someone shared recently that you can order online from places like Walmart and Amazon, and they will actually ship those items directly to us.

We so appreciate everything we receive as this helps RiverGate to continue helping women in need change their lives.

Thank you!

Donate items by “shopping” at

FILL OUR PANTRY http://augustarivergate.org/shop/ 

Additional items being g added.

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