Some of our BEFORE and AFTER Stories

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BEFORE                             AFTER

Rachel Niske recently graduated from the Potter’s House for Women in Milner GA. God brought her back to her hometown of Augusta to be the housemother of Aglow RiverGate. She has a heart to help women who are trapped in bondage. Rachel is eager to share how God has transformed her entire being from the inside out; how she went from the deepest, darkest pit of addiction to the Abundant Life in the Light of God’s Love.

BEFORE                            AFTER

Jeremiah 29:11 God had and has a plan for me my whole life. RiverGate was part of His plan and my blessing. It’s by God’s grace that I am still alive. I was a mess and a destruction to myself, broken, in bondage to drinking, and I had no respect for myself. I could not accept my family’s love or most of all I could not accept God’s love. RiverGate is amazing. Yes there were hard, trying times, but also sweet moments and encounters with the Lord. God has healed me mentally, emotionally and physically from a lot. Today I can love and respect myself. I can accept my family’s love and most of all accept God’s love, today and forever. Thank you RiverGate and thank you heavenly Father.

     BEFORE                                   AFTER

Jamie Brosious came to Aglow RiverGate as our first resident through Drug Court as an alternative to prison. She grew in the Lord during her 12 months with us. Jamie was reconciled with her two sons, her brother, sister-in-law and her sister. She graduated from RiverGate and from Drug Court. This allowed her to face her future with no criminal charges. She also had been provided with gainful employment which will permit her to live a meaningful life.

    BEFORE                                AFTER

Sandra Murray came to us from Brunswick GA. She was in the Glynn County Drug Court and requested rehab to be part of her treatment plan. The Drug Court allowed Sandy to come to RiverGate for recovery treatment. While here Sandy grew closer to the Lord and was also able to work on her GED.  She remained here for a short time after her graduation as our housemother. She returned to Brunswick to be closer to her family and to complete Drug Court.

BEFORE                             AFTER

After more than 12 years of drug use and drug dealing, Rebecca Carroll is currently a wife and mother of a precious daughter and is expecting a son in December. Rebecca completed an already begun course in Medical Coding while at Aglow RiverGate. She has been employed by a local pediatrics practice while in the program and since graduation. Her family has been restored to her as she never gave up on God or on herself and God certainly will never give up on her.

   BEFORE                                   AFTER

Melissa had a 19 year history of drug use prior to coming to Aglow RiverGate. She had charges in multiple counties and states. Somehow the Lord intervened and Melissa was given the opportunity to change her future and her life. Since graduating from the program, she has remained employed and has learned to live an honest and productive life while remaining sober. She gives God all the glory for her transformation.

      BEFORE                              AFTER


      BEFORE                              AFTER

    BEFORE                                  AFTER

Megan had used drugs for over 10 years. She had gotten clean several times but she failed each time to stay clean! This time she was saved by God’s grace! She was locked up for several months which she believes was from God’s hand. There she grew closer to God and realized she needed His help.She went to court and received help by being sentenced to Aglow RiverGate. The year at RiverGate taught her who she is in Christ and brought her closer to the Lord.  She says, “I have been blessed through this program and how much it has saved my life. I am truly grateful for grace and 18 months clean!” Megan is employed and working on her certification as a veterinary technician.


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